FIFA World Cup™ 2018

First Round Groups

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Nations in Bold are Partners in the International Space Station.

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Group A
A1 RUS Russia
A2 KSA Saudia Arabia
A3 EGY Egypt
A4 URU Uruguay

Group B
B1 POR Portugal
B2 ESP Spain
B3 MAR Morrocco
B4 IRN Iran

Group C
C1 FRA France
C2 AUS Austrailia
C3 PER Peru
C4 DEN Denmark

Group D
D1 ARG Argentina
D2 ISL Iceland
D3 CRO Croatia
D4 NGA Nigeria

Group E
E1 BRA Brazil
E2     SUI Switzerland
E3 CRC Costa Rica
E4 SRB Serbia

Group F
F1 GER Germany
F2 MEX Mexico
F3 SWE Sweden
F4 KOR Korea

Group G
G1 BEL Belgium
G2 PAN Panama
G3 TUN Tunisia
G4 ENG England

Group H
H1 POL Poland
H2 SEN Senegal
H3 COL Colombia
H4 JPN Japan

Nations is Bold are partners in the International Space Station.

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